Tony Joe White – Tunica Motel

Tony Joe White – Tunica Motel

Tony Joe White – Tunica Motel. Tunica Motel is a fine example of swamp blues, the trademark of Tony Joe White. It’s from “10 jaar het beste uit 2 meter sessies” (Varagram 1997). 2 meter sessies, a dutch radioprogramme, asked musicans to perform an unplugged version of one of their songs.

Tony Joe White chose Tunica Motel, a song about a man who escapes the city,
drives to Memphis to find his tranquillity in a motel which bears the same name
as the song. At daytime he finds his comfort and rest but at nights he is
haunted by regret and thoughts about the founding father of the blues Robert
Johnson and his reason to sing. He reputedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads.

Will he ever sleep? Can he resist the alluring Crossroads? Will he walk the
path of virtue or will he go astray and fall into evil ways? Tony Joe White
puts us at the Crossroads with Tunica Motel and whilst playing his gritty,
dirty and muggy blues, he’s waiting for answers. So do I.

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